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Record Label/A&R representative

Established by the founder Junior Nelson St. Louis. Trill Supremacy's true mission statement is to bring awareness to black nationalism in America by any means necessary & provide a platform for racial equality, politics, civil rights, & social injustices for Afro-Americans through the vision of what is believed to be the vision of the late rapper Tupac Shakur

Music Production

While attending one of the most elite schools to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Production, Full Sail University's program provided a thorough and comprehensive understanding of music creation and production. Learning the skills such as music theory and composition, I explored different applications used in the music production industry with courses like digital audio principles and digital workstation technology while exploring advanced audi production and engineering techniques also.

Brand Ambassador

Trill Supremacy wishes to provide a platform where fashion is embraced with style. Where both men & women, boys & girls could express themselves freely with the brand of Trill Supremacy. Creating a clothing line called Only The Trill


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